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Bellman Visit Portable Receiver
"Be Alerted to Calls, Visitors and Alarms"
Bellman Visit Portable Receiver

Item#: 901033
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Product Description

   Alerts you using sound and light signals
   Adjustable sound up to 90dB
   Pair with Visit transmitters
   Portable and wireless
   Uses 4 C 1.5V LR14 batteries (included)

The Bellman Visit Portable Receiver receives signals from the various Visit transmitters and alerts you by series of unique sound and light signals for the various different alarms. It alerts you when the telephone or doorbell rings, or when the fire alarm is activated. For example when the doorbell rings, it will emit a Ding Dong sound. Great for the deaf and hearing impaired.

The Bellman Visit Portable Receiver is simple to install in your home, and offers the versatility to be moved with you around your home, such as in your back yard. It's also easily transportable to a summer or vacation home. The portable receiver features an optimized sound frequency and an adjustable sound level, from 0 dB up to a very loud 90 dB. Uses 4 C 1.5V LR14 batteries (included). Range is 98ft. Battery life: 2-3 years. Dimensions: 5.2 x 6.5 x 1.4. Color: White.

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