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Autodrop Eyedrop Guide
"The accurate way to put Drops in Your Eye."
Autodrop Eyedrop Guide

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Product Description

   For easy, accurate and safe eyedrop application
   Holds eye open, delivers eyedrops simply and effectively
   Fits most eyedrop bottles
   Great for the arthritic, the elderly and those with dexterity issues
   Reusable and easy to clean

The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide clips into place over most eye drop bottles and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. This eye drop applicator holds the eye open and directs the drops, allowing for accurate eye drop installation. Autodrop has a special cup that prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid open. A unique pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the descending drops.

For the elderly or those with limited hand/eye coordination, and/or with arthritic hands, this plastic eye drop guide holds an eye drop bottle steady in a keyhole slot. The guide is shaped to fit the contours of the face around the eye, so that the dropper bottle is held steady while medication is dispensed. The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide is reusable after cleaning.

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Mens Chrome Talking Calendar Watch with Calendar Display-Expansion Band
Mens Royal Tel-Time Bi-Color Talking Watch-White Dial - Expansion Band
Metal Writing Guide Kit with BoldWriter 20 Pen and Low Vision Paper
Mini Talking Memo
Monodose Teaspoon Measure
Multi-Purpose 4 Way Opener
Nail Clipper with Magnifier and Light
Needle Aid
Needle Guide and Magnifier- 1.7x
Noir Medium Fitover 19 Percent Plum
Noir Medium Fitover 64 Percent Light Amber
Non-Slip Grip Mat- Twelve by Fifteen Inches Roll
Norelco Corded-Cordless Rechargeable Razor
Norelco Mens Electric Razor- Corded-Cordless- New and Improved
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder- 2GB
Oven Mitt, 13 Inches-Blue
Overdoor Exercise Pulley
Page Fold-Over Letter Writing Guide with Wide Spaces
Page Letter Writing Guide with Wide Spaces
Perkins Classic Brailler
Pill Popper Medication Helper
Pill Time
Pocket Talking Timer and Clock - English
Pop-Up Pill Cup
Post-Your-Voice Portable Digital Memo Recorder
Posture-Rite Lap Desk
Power Adapter for Emerson Talking Caller ID
Rainbow Color Reader- Talking Color Identifier
Rainbow Reacher - Blue - 16 inches
Rehab Reachers - 32 inches Fixed Length
REIZEN 3.5x Illuminated Pocket Magnifier
Reizen Clear Vinyl Labeling Tape - 3 Rolls .50 inch W x 144 inches
Reizen II Talking Bathroom Scale for Low Vision - Silver
Reizen II Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Reizen Illuminated Pocket Magnifier - 2X 2 in. Sq. Lens
Reizen Illuminated Pocket Magnifier - 5X 1 1-4 in. Dia. Lens
Reizen InfraRed Radio-Controlled Talking Clock
Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock with 2-Inch Red LED
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 5x
Reizen LED Torch Flashlight
Reizen Low Vision Black and White Paddle Cutting Board
Reizen Low Vision Talking Calculator
Reizen Magnetic Labeling Tape -.50 inches x 96 inches WITHOUT adhesive backing
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 10X
Reizen SignaMag - Magnifier and Signature Guide
REIZEN Stand Magnifier - 5X
Reizen Talking and Low Vision Atomic Sports Watch
Reizen Transparent Vinyl Labeling Tape -9 rolls plus 1 free
Ring-Pen - Anti Fatigue Writing Pen - Great for Arthritics- Blue
Ring-Pen Writing Pen Refills- Black Ink -Package of 2
Rocking T Knife
Round Digital Timer
Round III Talking Wrist Watch
Round Metal 4-Alarm English Talking Watch
Safe Slice Knife Guard
Seven Day Deep Well Pill Organizer
SKYSCAN Atomic Clock
SockPro Sock Holders - Blue
Soft Built-Up Handle Utensils -Set of 4
Sporty Looking Dual Talking Time
Standard Stylus
Striped Warning Tape - Yellow and Black Stripe
Suction Cup Mirror
Tactile Dice- Set-2
Tactile Long Ring Low Vision Timer - Black Dial
Tactile Long Ring Low Vision Timer With Stand - White Dial
Tactile Low Vision Timer-White Dial, Black Numbers
Take-n-Slide for Simple Daily Medicine Dosage Tracking -Package of 4 Strips
Talking 4-Alarm Clock with EL-Backlight
Talking Fast Reading Digital Clinical Thermometer
Talking Food Cans
Talking Heart-Shaped Pedometer
Talking Watch - Chrome with Leather Band - Unisex
TapMemo Voice Activated Personal Data Assistant
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Tel-Time Ladies Chrome Talking Watch - White Face, Expansion Band
Tel-Time Mens Low Vision Talking Watch- White Face
Tel-Time Unisex One-Button Talking Watch- Gold
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The Big Print Check Register
The Mini Wilson Compact Digital Recorder Version 3
The Seven Day Color Pill Box
Thick Line Paper
Three Openers in One
Three Packs Low Vision Thick Line Writing Paper
Touch To See Identifiers Braille, Tactile
Touch-Dots - Orange
Travel Organizer
Tub and Stair Safety Treads
Tuna and Veggie Press and Strainer
TV Screen Enlarger for 20-26 inch TV
Typoscope with Signature Guide
Ultima Low Vision Watch - White Dial - Leather Band
Ultra-Dri Caresox, Medium-Large
UltraOptix Desktop LED Lighted Magnifier
Uni-Ball Impact RT Gel Pen-Bold-Black Ink-One Pen
Unisex Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Leather Band
Vegetable Peeler
Walker Skis
10-Digit Talking Calculator-Earphone-Talking Alarm
10-inch Utility Tongs
10x Magnification Spot Mirror
12 inches Salad Tongs - Servers
12in White Vinyl Coated Grab Bar
12inch Knurled Chrome Grab Bar
2 Tier Microwave Steamer
2-Cup Measuring Cup- Clear with Red Print
2-in-1 Magnifier Light for the Visually Impaired
2.8X Sport Glasses
2.8X Sport Glasses
24-inch Knurled Chrome Grab Bar
3 Set Jar Openers
32 inch Knurled Chrome Grab Bar
3x Tear Drop Pendant Magnifier in Gold-Tone Finish
3x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier
4 Piece Microfiber Bag Set - Black
4x Heart Shaped Pendant Magnifier in Silver-Tone Finish
4x Pendant Magnifier in Gold-Tone Finish
5 1-4 inches Round 3x Magnifying Suction Mirror
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7 Day Pill Organizer with Braille markings
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Automatic Safety Flash Light
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Bacon Wave
Basic Talking Caller ID
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Beecher Mirage Binoculars 4x
Bicycle Low Vision Pinochle Jumbo Playing Cards
Big Button Braille Phone
Big Button DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone- Braille Keypad
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Big Button Phone with 40db Handset Volume
Big Button Phone with Braille Keypad and Speakerphone
Big Number Desk Top Low Vision Calculator
Big Number Pocket Talking Calculator with Clock
Blister Pack Open It - Makes Opening Packaging Easier
Blue Auto Seat Wedge
Blue Plastic Food Bumper
Bold Line Writing Paper with Large 0.875-in. Spaces
Book Butler
Boost Personal Video Magnifier- 1.9x and 13.6x
Braille - Rook Cards
Braille and Low Vision Monopoly
Braille Learning Frame
Braille Map USA - 11.5 in. x 11 in.
Braille Paper 500 sheets, 90 lb - No Holes
Braille Paper 500 sheets, Lightweight Paper - 70 lb - No Holes
Braille Paper with 3 Holes - 500 sheets
Braille Pill Box - Yellow
Braille Plastic Bingo Board - 1 Single Board
Braille Slate- 4 Lines x 28 Cells
Braille Slate- BASIC E-Z
Braille Sudoku Game
Braille Super Jumbo Playing Cards
Braille Super Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Braille-Large Print Letters Combo -Black on Ivory
Broom and Dust Pan
Bump Dots - Black, X-Large Rounded-Top Round Bump Dots
Bump Dots - Clear, Medium Flat-Top Round Bump Dots
Bump Dots - Clear, Small Rounded-Top Round Bump Dots
Bump Dots - Medium, Black, Square
Bump Dots- Large, Clear Pyramid-Shaped - 25-Pack
Bump Dots- Small Round Orange-Red 30-pk
Business Envelope Writing Guide
Button Hook -Small, Acrylic Grip
Button Hooks -Large, Deluxe
Can Opener for Ring Pull Cans
Cane Holster
Cane or Crutch Holder
Cane Tips
Card Holders Set of 4 card holders
Card Magnifier - 3.5x - 55x85mm
Cassette Tape - 60 Minute Microcassette
Cassette Tape - 90 Minute Tape
Cell Phone Organizer Case
Checker Set
Cheese Slicer
Chrome Quartz Braille Watch- Mens with Chrome Expansion Band
CIDney Talking Caller ID Plus- English-Spanish
Clear Plate Guard - Small
ClearSounds Talk 500 Talking Telephone
Clip-On Strainer Spout
Clip-On Utensils -Fork
Coil Head Only - 10.1x-36.4D 34mm
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier - 7.1X, 24.2D 32mm Lens
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier 3.9X, 11.7D 58mm Lens
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier 4.7X, 14.8D 44mm Lens
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier 5.4X, 17.7D, 44mm Lens
Coil Visual Tracking Magnifier - Red Soft-Grip Rim
COIL WINDSOR - 2.6x 70mm
Coinboy Pocket Coin Dispenser
Color Identifier-Light Detector - Spanish
Comfort Grip Utensils - Right Hand Fork
Comfort Grip Utensils - Right Hand Spoon
Compact Edition - Refills
Computer Keyboard Labels - Black Characters on Yellow Background
Conair Wide Platform Precision Electronic Scale
Connect Four - Tactile for the Blind
Cooking Measuring Cups- Set of 5
Cooking Measuring Spoons- Set of 5
Cooking Mixing Bowls- Set of 3
Cup Holder for Wheelchairs and Walkers
Cup-At-A-Time Drip Coffee Maker
Deluxe Backgammon Set - Tactile
Deluxe Bath Bench with Adjustable Legs and Back Support
Deluxe Jumbo Display
Deluxe Scrabble Game: Braille Version - New and Improved
Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion
DigiScan Multi-Function Talking Thermometer
Digit Interactive Talking Alarm Clock- White
Door Knob Gripper with Non Slip Grip- Set of 2
Dose-Alert Pill Reminder
Double Bell Quartz Bedside Alarm Clock
Double Lens Folding Magnifier 10x
Dual Sided Back Scrubber
Dual Sound Liquid Level Indicator
Dual-Ended Button Aid
Duracell 2 C Batteries
Dycem Non-Slip Multi-Purpose Pads - 5 1-2 inches Diameter
Dycem Non-Slip Multi-Purpose Pads - 7 1-2 inches Diameter
Dycem Reel - 16 x 78 inches
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Extra Big Digit Low Vision Timer
Extra Bold ZoomCaps- Black Characters on White Background
Extra Bold ZoomCaps- White Characters on Black Background
Extra Short Focus 10x25 Monocular
Extra Tips
Extra Wide Folding Step Stool
Eye Patch - Black
Eyeglass Stand
EZ Magnibar with yellow tracker line - Combo - 2.50, 6 and 9 inches
EZ Magnibar with yellow tracker line - Combo - 6 inch and 9 inch
EZ Pro Sock Holders- Assorted Colors
EZC Playing Cards
ezRead Electronic Magnifier-Reading Aid
EZY Dose Cut N Carry
EZY Dose Deluxe Medtime Planner
EZY Pharmadose Medication Organizer
Finger-Tip Master Board
Fish Turner
Fitovers Sunglasses-Aurora- Olive-Peach-Amber Lens
Flame Retardant Oven Mitt, 17 inches - Green
Flat Stylus
FLEX-O-GRIP Hand Exerciser
Flexible Long-Handle Shoe Horn
Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid
Flexilens on Base
FlexNeck Ultra-Bright LED Booklight
Floppy Slippers - Womens Size M-L
Floss Threaders- 25 Count in Plastic Storage Case
Fold-Over Low Vision Note Writing Frame
Folding Bath and Shower Seat
Folding Reading Stand - 12 x 18 inches
Free Matter for the Blind -Rubber Stamp
FreeHand Hands-Free and Handheld Magnifier- 2.5-5.5x
Fuchsia Tinted Plastic Reading Sheet
Funnel Set -3 pieces on Ring
Future Call Amplified Talking Speakerphone- 40dB
George Foreman Champ Grill - Black
Giant Folding Magnifier
Giant Print - Refills
Giant Print Calendar- 2013
Giant Print Calendar- 2014
Giant Print Calendar- 2015
Giant Print Laminated BINGO Card- Green
Giant Thick Line Writing Paper - Pad of 50
Glow Tape
Glow-in-the-Dark Outlet Cover
Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup
Grab Bar - 16 inches Straight
Grab Bar - Chrome - 12 inches
Grab Bar - Chrome - 16 inches
Grab Bar - Chrome - 24 inches
Grab Bar - Chrome - 32 inches
Greeting Card Writing Guide
Gripper Whisk - Set of 2
H.E.L.P. Magic Slicing Knife - Left Hand
Handi-Lens Magnifier Bookmark
Hands-Free Magnifier
Handy Helper Cutting Board - White
HealthSmart Talking Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for 2-Bilingual
HearMore Gold Hearing Aid Batteries-Size 312-8-pk
Horse Racing Tactile Wooden Game
Hot and Cold Facial Mask
Hot Hand
Illuminated 2X with 8X Bifocal insert Magnifier
In-Between-The-Knee-Pillow- Polyurethane Foam
Indoor-Outdoor Tri-View Thermometer with Clock
Inject-Aid Syringe-Vial Holder
Inner-Lip Plate w-Non-Skid Bottom
Insta-Set Digital Alarm Clock
Insulated Mug w-Lid
Invoca 3 - Voice Activated Universal Remote
iTalk Reminder Assistant Voice Activated Clock
Jar Opener
Jumbo 8-Digit Desktop Calculator
Jumbo Button Phone w-Headset - White
Jumbo Dominoes - Dots
Jumbo Lap Desk
Jumbo Readout Digital Timer
jWIN Giant LED Alarm Clock Radio
KEatlery Weighted Utensil -Soupspoon
Keyboard Large Print Labels - Black on Yellow - Lower Case
Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard-Yellow w-Blk Print
Kids Talk - Talking Wristband I.D.
Ladies Chrome Braille Watch with Leather Band
Ladies Royal Tel-Time One Button Talking Watch with Leather Band
Ladies Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch - White Dial - Expansion Band
Ladies Spanish Royal Tel-Time One Button Talking Watch w-Expansion Band
Ladies Talking Watch with Rhinestone Bezel and Expansion Band- English
Ladies Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with Chrome Expansion Band
Ladies Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Expansion Band
Ladies Tel-Time Gold-Colored Talking Watch with Leather Band
Ladies Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with Gold-Toneen Expansion Band
Ladies Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with Gold-Toneen Expansion Band
Ladies Tel-Time Talking Watch with Gold-Toneen Case and Blue Face Dial
Ladies Tel-Time Talking Watch-Gold-Toneen-Blue Dial-Exp
Large Magnetic Braille ABC Board
Large Print Book -Crossword Puzzle
Large Print Book -Search and Find Puzzle
Large Print Crosswords No. 5
Large Print Crosswords No. 8 for Low Vision
Large Print Sudoku Puzzle Book
Large Print Telephone Button Overlay
Large Print Weekly-Monthly Notebook Planner- 2015
Large Print Word Search Puzzles
Large Replacement Cuff for Reizen Talking Blood Pressure Monitor
Large Tongs
LED-Illuminated Aspheric Handheld 5x Magnifier
Lighted 5-in Round Magnifier- 2x
Loc-Dots - Keyboard Key Location Dots- Orange
Long Handle Sponge
Long Ring Mechanical Timer
Low Vision Anti-Slip Tape- Yellow and Black
Low Vision Atomic Solar Wall Clock
Low Vision Bingo Cards -10 cards
Low Vision Black and White Cutting Board- Small
Low Vision Bold Line Writing Paper
Low Vision Calendar- 2012
Low Vision Cutting Board with Chute - White
Low Vision Index Card System
Low Vision Loud Alarm Timer
Low Vision Po-Ke-No Board Game
Low Vision Thick Line Writing Paper
Low Vision Watch- Mens w-White Face, Leather Band
Low Vision Watch- Mens with Expansion Band
Low Vision Watch- Mens with Expansion Band
Machine Needle Threader
Magic Soaper
Magna Visor by Bausch and Lomb with Three Lenses
Magna-Lite Illuminated Hand Magnifier 10x
Magnavox Universal Remote Control
MagniFree Hands-Free Hanging Illuminated Magnifier
MagRX Medicine Bottle Magnifier
Maxi Handheld Talking Calculator with Alarm - White
MAXI Tactile Medium Ring Timer - Stand Version
Maxi- Dots
Maxi-Aids Braille Timer -60 minutes
Maxi-Marks Super
MaxiAids Mini Pill Box- Braille
MaxiTouch Dots - Neon Green- Package of 64
MaxiTouch Dots - Purple- Package of 64
MaxiTouch Dots - Red- Package of 64
Meat Thermometer
Medication Traveling Case
Mediplanner I Pill Organizer
Memo - Recording and Talking Watch
Memo-Key Recording Keychain
Mens Classic Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Chrome Bracelet Band
Mens Gold-Tone Quartz Pocket Braille Watch
Mens Low Vision 1-12 Manual Watch- Black- Chrome- Expansion
Mens Royal Tel-Time One Button Talking Watch with Expansion Band
Mens Royal Tel-Time One Button Talking Watch with Leather Band
Mens Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch - White Dial - Expansion Band
Mens Talking Medical 4 - alarm watch
Mens Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial - Bracelet Band
Mens Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Expansion Band
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Quartz Watch
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with Black Dial -Leather Band
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with White Dial-Leather Band
Mens Tel-Time Talking Watch- Golden-Chrome Expan.
Metallic Talking Watch - Round Face-unisex
MicroWave 2 - Egg Poacher
Mini Bar Magnifier - 2x - With Pocket Clip
Moist Heating Pad
Monocular - Specwell 8x 20mm
Monocular 6x 16 with Case
Monthly Medication System with Talking Alarm-Stadium
Moshi Voice-Activated Talking Alarm Clock - Full Original Size
My Pocket Doctor- Diabetic Reference Guide and Journal
Nail Cleaning Brush
Napper Low Vision Alarm Clock with Nap Timer Buttons
Night Vision Quartz Alarm Clock
Noir Large Fitover 32 Percent Medium Grey
Noir Large Fitover 58 Percent Light Grey
Noir Medium Fitover 18 Percent Amber
Noir Medium Fitover 90 Percent Clear
Noir Spectra Shields Wrap Around 90 Percent- Clear
Non-Illuminated 3x Pocket Magnifier
Non-Slip Grip Mat- One Foot by Five Feet Roll
Norelco PowerTouch Electric Razor- Corded-Cordless
Northwestern Bell Cordless Telephones -2 with Digital Answering System, Call Waiting, Caller ID
Northwestern Bell Large Button Cordless Phone
Nutone Strobe Door Chime
Ocuvite Eye Vitamins- Adult 50-Plus for Macular Degeneration -50-Count
OKolux Mobile Pocket Version 8x - 28D - 35mm
Old Maid Classic Flash Card Matching Game
Olympus Digital Recorder with Voice Guidance for the Blind- 4GB
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder- 2GB
Omron Auto-Inflating 3 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
One Day - At - A - Time Pill Box Tray
One Day at a Time Weekly Medication Organizer - Large
One Hand Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer
Optivisor Optical Glass Binocular Magnifier - 10 Diopter 3.5X
Ott-Lite Graphic Artist Lamp
OttLite 13-Watt Rechargeable Battery Task Lamp for Low Vision
OttLite Telescoping Lamp for Low Vision
Outdoor Step
Oven Mitt - 13 inches- Tan
PalmPeeler- Palm Held Vegetable Peeler
Panasonic Microcassette Recorder
Pedi-Perfect Pumice Stone for Home Pedicures
PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System
PenFriend Labels- Pack B
Pet Odor Kleen
PETA in the Kitchen Easi-Grip Forked Knife
Pete the Repeat Parrot
PhD Ball Point Pen for the Arthritic - Medium Point Black
Pill Pod Weekly Pill Box System
Pink Leather Band for Ladies Talking Watch- Gold-Tone Buckle
Platon Talking Scientific Calculator
Pocket Magnifier - 2.9x - 11D - Lens Size - 1 1-4
Pocket Memo Recorders -Package of 2
Polar Fleece Shawl Shoulder Cozy - Light Blue
Portable Tactile Labeling Kit
Precision Needle Threader Set -with 25 Extra Hooks
Press-On One-Handed Nail Clipper
Prodigy AutoCode Talking Glucometer with Test Strips
Prodigy Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring System-COMPLETE STARTER KIT
Push and Pull Stick
Quick Bib Clothing Protector- Medium Blue
Radio Controlled Talking Alarm Clock AM-FM Radio-AC Power-Battery B-Up
Rainbow Reacher - Blue - 32 inches
Raised Large Print Telephone Dial Overlay
Raised Lines Paper - Narrow
Readi-Vac Room Zoom
Red Tinted Plastic Reading Sheet
Rehab Exercise Ball - Hard
Rehab Exercise Ball - Soft
Rehab Reachers - 26 inches, Fixed
Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator with Earbuds
Reizen 12-Digit Talking Calculator
Reizen 3-in-1 Pill Cutter
Reizen 4x Round Magnifier
Reizen 8-Digit Talking Calculator with Alarm
Reizen 9x 32D 42mm
REIZEN Aspheric Stand Magnifier 7x 23D 50mm
Reizen Bi Lingual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor Kit -Choose English - Spanish Read out
Reizen Braille Jumbo Print Playing Cards- 2-Pack
Reizen Compu-Mag - Magnifier for 17-inch Flat Screen Monitor
Reizen Compu-Mag - Magnifier for 19-inch Flat Screen Monitor
Reizen Digital Analog Water-Resistant Talking Watch- Black
Reizen Digital Analog Water-Resistant Talking Watch- Blue and Red
Reizen Dome Magnifier 4x 12D 50mm
Reizen Firestorm Soccer Ball with Rattle
Reizen Handy Lens - Slim Line Magnifier, 2-3x Magnification
Reizen Illuminated Pocket Magnifier - 3x, 1-1-4 in. Sq. Lens
Reizen Jumbo Remote Control for the Visually Impaired - Refurbished
Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Rectangular
REIZEN LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier - 4X
REIZEN Led Raylite 3 - LED Power Handle Only
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 7X
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 8X
Reizen Lite 4-Section Folding Cane- 52-in
Reizen Low Vision Atomic Clock with Loud Mechanical Bell
Reizen Magnetic Labeling Tape -.75 inches x 197 inches
Reizen Magnifier - Clip on Magnifier
Reizen Maxi-Brite illuminating Stand Magnifier 5X -2.4 inch -60MM Lens - Very brite illumination
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 12X
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 14X
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 8X
REIZEN Mens Braille Watch -Chrome, Exp. Band
Reizen Mens Braille Watch -Chrome, Leather Band
Reizen Mens Glow Low Vision Watch with Blue EL Light
Reizen Pill Cutter
Reizen Quartz Talking Watch With Vibrating Alarm
Reizen Signamag - Magnifier-Signature Guide-Custom
REIZEN Stand Magnifier - 2.5X
Reizen Talking Alarm Clock - Time-Temperature
Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White Face-Gem Chips-Expansion Band
Reizen Talking Atomic Watch- Blk Face-Chips-Leath
Reizen Talking Clock with Calendar and Alarm
Reizen Talking Kitchen Scale - English-Spanish
Reizen Talking Label Identifier
Reizen Talking Penguin Alarm Clock - English
Reizen Talking Watch with Music Alarm and Hour Announcement- Exp Band
Reizen Water-Resistant Talking LCD Watch- Fashion
Reizen Weekly Pill Box - 7 day with morn, noon, eve, bed. Blue Base with Clear Boxes
Retractable Sharpie Pen - Black
Reusable Postal Wallets For Cassettes - Large
RimFree LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier- 2x
Ring Pull Can Opener
Ring-Pen - Anti Fatigue Writing Pen - Great for Arthritics- Black
Round Bingo Markers - 26 Per Bag
ROUND IV Talking Wrist Watch - Blue-Unisex
RQ-2102 Portable Cassette Recorder-Player
Rubber Cane Tips
Saddle-Shaped Stylus
Satin Caress Neck Support
SBC Talking Caller ID Announcer - White
Scented Eraser Caps For Pencils - 30 pack assorted
Select A Spice Auto Measure Carousel
Sensa Level Indicator MK III
Serene 26dB Amplified Photo Dial Speakerphone for Hearing-Memory Loss
Serene HD 40dB Amplified Talking Cordless Big Button Phone
Serrated Rocker Knife
Sew and Knit Gauge
SHARP Talking Alarm Clock with Digital LCD
Shoe and Boot Valet
Shoe Dini- The Telescoping Shoe Horn
Shoulder-Waist Carry-All
Signature Guide - Spring Metal with string
Signature Guide - Yellow Plastic
Simplicity Universal TV Remote- Scientific Atlanta, Samsung, Pace
Sleep Mask with Double Elastic Bands - Blue
Slick Voice Recognition Alarm Clock Radio for Low Vision
Slide Finger Tip Bingo Card w-Shutters- One Card
Slip-On Handle
Sock N Shoe Aid
SockPro Sock Holders - Black
SockPro Sock Holders - Red
SockPro Sock Holders - White
SockPro Sock Holders - Yellow
Soft Built-Up Handle Utensil -Soup Spoon
Soft Swivel Seat Cushion for Easier Automobile Entry and Exit
Sonic Alert Universal Sound Signaler
Sony Cassette Recorder
Sony Standard Cassette Voice Recorder
Sort-a-Sock Heavy Duty
Spanish Talking Clinical Thermometer -Celsius
Speedy Pasta Cooker
SPIRIT FOLDING CANE - GRAPHITE - 5 Section - 48 inches
SPIRIT FOLDING CANE - GRAPHITE - 6 Section - 54 inches
Spoon and Fork Holder
Squeezit Tube Squeezer
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set- 4 pcs.
Stainless Steel Shoehorn
Standard Uplift Seat Assist - 80 - 230 lbs Weight Range
Stationery Writing Guide
Steady Write - Black Ink
Stick-On Adhesive Notes with Bold Lines- Pad of 50
Store N Stuff Carrying Case and Lap Desk for Children
Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth
Suction Brush
Suction Cup Mirror with 7x Magnification
Sunlight Low Vision Table Lamp
Super Jumbo Playing Cards - Single Deck - Blue
Super Low Vision Quartz Wall Clock
Super Scrabble Deluxe Edition - Modified for Low Vision
Super Sharpie-Bold Point Permanent Marker
Sylvania Halogen Light Bulb - 2 Pak
Synthetic Shearling Covered Coccyx Wedge
Syringe Support
Tab Grabber
Tablet Splitter-Crusher
Tactile Braille Signs - Rest Room
Tactile Dice and Cup
Tactile Low Vision Long Ring Timer with Stand
Tactile Low Vision Short Ring Timer- No Stand
Tactile Short Ring Low Vision Timer With Stand - Black Dial
Talking Atomic Watch- Womens and Kids- Expansion Band
Talking Automatic Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor
Talking Body Fat Scale and Monitor for the Visually Impaired
Talking Calculator and Clock
Talking Calculator with Alarm Clock and Music
Talking Calendar Alarm Clock
Talking Caller ID Phone
Talking Digital Hand Exerciser
Talking Digital Memo Recorder
Talking Digital Thermometer with LCD Display
Talking Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer
Talking Kitchen Scale
Talking Low Vision Count Down Timer- Silver
Talking Pedometer with Panic Alarm
Talking Projection Clock with Backlit LED
Talking Simplicity Alarm Clock - Spanish
Talking Tel-Time Classic w-Stainless Steel Band
Talking Time and Temperature Clock with Easy Tap TALKING-SNOOZE Button
Talking Watch- Ladies- 2 Voices- Bi-Color- Expansion Band
Talking Watch- Mens- 2 Voices- Bi-Color- Expansion Band
Talking Watch-Pendant- Atomic Yellow Face- Gold-Tone
Teflon Skived Tape
Tel-Temp Talking Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer
Tel-Time Avalon Mens Talking Watch
Tel-Time Ladies Chrome Talking Watch - Black Face, Expansion Band
Tel-Time Ladies Chrome Talking Watch - White Face, Leather Band
Tel-Time Low Vision Watch- Mens with Expansion Band - Black Face
Tel-Time Low Vision Watch- Womens with Expansion Band
Tel-Time Mens Chrome Talking Watch - Black Face, Expansion Band
Tel-Time Mens Chrome Talking Watch - Black Face, Leather Band
Tel-Time Mens Chrome Talking Watch - White Face, Leather Band
Tel-Time Talking Auto-Synchronizing Watch- Gold-Tone
Tel-Time Talking Pendant Ladies Watch - Gold-Tone w-Chain - 1 Button
Tel-Time Talking Pendant Ladies Watch - Gold-Tone with Chain - 4 Button
Telephone Stickers - Black on White - Alphanumeric
Telephone Stickers - Black on Yellow - Numbers Only
Telephone Stickers - Green on Black - Numbers Only
Terry Oven Mitt - One, 17 inches
Test Strips for Prodigy Blood Glucose Monitors - 50 Strips
Test Strips for Talking Blood Glucose Monitor
The e-pill Cadex 12 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch- Black
The Easy Reader Bookstand
The Giant Print Calendar - 2007
The Giant Print Calendar - 2008
The Giant Print Calendar- 2012
The Guide One
The Pencil Grip 3-Pack
Therapy Putty 6-Oz- Medium- Green
Thick Line Paper in Neon Colors- 1 Pad of 90- 30 Sheets per Color
Tic Tac Toe Tactile Wooden Game
Tic-Tac-Toe - All Wood Tactile Version
Timer-Stopwatch with Super Loud 70dB Ringer
Timex Big Easy Indiglo Reader Watch - Brown Leather Band - Features Large Easy to See Numbers
Timex Indiglo Watch Ladies Gold-Tone with Leather Band
Total Hip Replacement Pack
Touch-Dots - Black
Touch-Dots - Red
Touch-Dots - White
Touch-Dots - Yellow
Tower Fruit and Vegetable Slicer
Transfer Swivel Cushion
Transparent Yellow Reading Aid
Travel Mate V-DV Cassette Recorder and Player
Tri-Flex Oven Mitts - 17 inches, One Pair
Tulip Desk Lamp- Silver
Tungsten Bulb -5
TV Ears 5.0 Digital TV Listening System
TV Screen Enlarger for 16-20 inch TV
Ultima Low Vision Watch - Black Dial - White Numbers - Leather-Unisex
Ultima Mature Low Vision Unisex Watch- Expan. Band
Ultima Mature Low Vision Unisex Watch- Yellow Face
Ultima Mature Low Vision Watch w-Leather Band
UltraOptix 2-in. x 3-in. LED Lighted Magnifier-3x
UltraOptix 7X Aspheric 1.5 in. Round Pocket LED Lighted Magnifier
UltraOptix Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier- 2.5x with 6x Bifocal
UltraOptix Lightweight Portable 4x Magnifier
Unisex Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with White Dial, Leather Band
Universal Multi-Pocket Walker Pouch
Utensil Hand Clip
V-Line Style -Denim
V-Line Style -Leather
Value Lite Flashlight
Vanity or Wall-Mount Gooseneck Mirror
Verilux Original Deluxe Full Spectrum Floor Lamp - Ivory
Vibralite 2 -with Plain Band
VibraLITE 3 Vibration Watch Blue Denim Band
Victor Reader Stream- New Generation- English
Visual Tracking Bar Magnifier - Red Rim
Voice Talking Blood Glucose Monitor Kit
Wander Alarm
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 42 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 44 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 50 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 52 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 58 inches
Weighted Writing Pen
Wire Loop Needle Threader -Pkg. of 10
XXL AM - PM Weekly Pill Organizer - Braille
Zip It Socks - Womens Pink Ribbon Ankle Sock -One Pair
Zoom Pocket Magnifier- 8 different powers - 5X-12X

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