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Reizen Braille Phase 10 Card Game for the Blind and Low Vision
"Challenging Family Fun for the Visually Impaired"
Reizen Braille Phase 10 Card Game for the Blind and Low Vision

Item#: 407410
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Product Description

   Playing cards are marked in Braille
   Suggested ages - 8 and older
   Cards measure approximately 3.5 x 2.25
   Popular card game by Mattel is Braille modified and provided in clear protective plastic case, rather than original packaging

Reizen Braille Phase 10 Card Game for the Blind and Low Vision - Phase 10 is a family-friendly low vision game that combines rummy with some innovative twists. There are ten combinations of cards (phases) that each player must complete in a specific order. Phases are made of sets (cards with the same number), runs, cards of all one color, or a combination of sets and runs. For example, Phase 1 low vision cards require players to get 2 sets of 3. When you get this (for instance, if you have 3 - 6's and 3 - 8's), you move on and try for the next combination of cards called for in Phase 2 low vision cards, which is 1 set of 3 + 1 run of 4. You must complete each phase in order before moving on to the next. Skip cards (which allow you to pick a player who loses a turn) and wild cards help level the playing field for younger family members. The first player to complete all 10 Phases is the winner.

These low vision cards include 2 Reference cards (listing the 10 Phases) and one deck of 108 cards; 24 each of red, blue, yellow, and green cards numbered 1 through 12, four blue Skip cards, and eight Wild cards, two of each color. Braille markings indicate both the number and color of each card, making this an accessible game for the Blind and Low Vision. Large Print Instructions are also included. Number Of Players: 2 to 6. Recommended Ages: 8 and up.
Product dimensions (imperial): 3.5 inch L x 2.25 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 88.90 mm L x 57.15 mm W

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